Morphology of the imperative (Surgut Khanty)

ImpSpecSgSpecPl: Second-person singular and plural each have a specific imperative form.

In Surgut Khanty only second-person verbs have imperative forms. The imperative marker reflects the number of the subject (singular, dual, plural) and in the definite (transitive) conjugation also the number of the object (singular, dual, plural).

pan- ’take, put’ imperative form of the verb

Indeterminate (nominative) conjugation:

2sg 2du 2pl

pan-a pan-itən pan-itəɣ

Determinate (transitive) conjugation:

number of the object 2sg 2du 2pl

sg pan-iʌən pan-e pan-iʌin

du pan-ɣəʌ-a pan-iɣəʌ-in pan-iɣəʌ-ən

pl pan-iʌ-a pan-iʌ-in pan-iʌ-ən


Márta Csepregi