Marking of function S on pronouns (Surgut Khanty)

Neutr: Case alignment is neutral: the functions S, A, and P are not marked morphologically.

NoSMark: The function S is not explicitly marked, while P, A, or both are marked. S is therefore marked with a zero (∅) morpheme.

(1) ʌüw jīs-əʌ.

he/she cry-prs.3sg

‘He/she is crying.’

(2) ʌüw ńēwrem-əʌ ʌāpət-ʌ.

he/she child-3sg feed-prs.3sg

‘He/she is feeding the child.’

(3) ʌüw nüŋ-at ʌāpət-ʌ.

he/she you-acc feed-prs.3sg

‘He/she is feeding you.’

Surgut Khanty marks the S function with a zero morpheme both on nouns and pronouns, which also means that the S is in the nominative case (1). Nominal P’s are marked neutrally (2), while personal pronouns take the accusative case (3), thus it is necessary to register the NoSMark parameter value, too.


Márta Csepregi