Verbal morphology of the passive (Surgut Khanty)

PassSynt: Passive constructions are synthetic.

The conjugation of the pan-‘put, place’ in the passive voice

Present tense:

sg du pl

1. pan-ʌ-ojəm pan-ʌ-ojmən pan-ʌ-ojəw

2. pan-ʌ-o pan-ʌ-ottən pan-ʌ-otəɣ

3. pan-ʌ-i pan-ʌ-iɣən pan-ʌ-at

Past tense:

sg du pl

1. pan-ojəm pan-ojmən pan-ojəw

2. pan-o pan-ottən pan-otəɣ

3. pan-i pan-iɣən pan-at

In Surgut Khanty, verbs have active and passive forms. In the passive voice, verbs can be conjugated in three numbers (sg, du, pl), in three persons, and in two tenses (present, past). The marker of the passive voice is -oj-, which merges with the verbal suffix in certain cases.


Márta Csepregi