Order of person markers on the verb (Northern Mansi)

NoP: The verb shows person agreement only with A.

(1) am taw-e nomi-l-ǝm.
I he/she-acc know-obj-prs.1sg
‘I know him/her.’ (S. D.)

(2) mān taw-e nomi-l-uw.
we he/she-acc know-obj-prs.1pl
‘We know him/her.’ (S. D.)

(3) am tān-anǝl nomi-jan-ǝm.
I they-acc know-pl.obj-prs.1sg
‘I know them.’ (S. D.)

(4) mān tān-anǝl nomi-jan-uw.
we they-acc know-pl.obj-prs.1pl
‘We know them.’ (S. D.)

In the Northern Mansi determinate conjugation, the verbal suffix refers to the person and number of the subject, and the number (but not the person) of the object (Kálmán 1976, Riese 2001). In the indeterminate conjugation, the verb does not agree with the object (not even in number).


Szilvia Németh