Copula types (Northern Mansi)

Cop=VInfl:  The copula, when explicit, is inflected just as lexical verbs.

(1) taw jun ōli.
he/she home cop.3sg
‘He/she is at home.’ (S. D.)

(2) ľōmwoj-ǝt māń-ǝt ōl-s-ǝt
mosquito small-pl be-pst-3pl
‘The mosquitoes were small.’ (S. D.)

(3) ľōmwoj māń ōl-nuw
mosquito small be-cond.prs.3sg
‘The mosquito can be small.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, the finite form of substantive verb (ōli) is used as copula (Riese 2001: 61) (1–3), its use, however, is rather limited.


Szilvia Németh