Marking of function S on pronouns (Northern Mansi)

NoSMark: The function S is not explicitly marked, while P, A, or both are marked. S is therefore marked with a zero (∅) morpheme.

(1) taw χājtyγti.

hhe/she run_around.prs.3sg

‘He/she is running around.’ (S. D.)

(2) taw taj kinsi-te.

he/she that.acc look_for-prs.obj.3sg

‘He/she is looking for that.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, the A of an active sentence is marked by a zero morpheme (1), just like the S (2) (Riese 2001). Pronouns in the accusative function take a suppletive form (2), hence the S/A functions differ morphologically from the P role.


Szilvia Németh