Case inflection on numerals (Hungarian)

AdNumNoCase: Adnominal numerals are not inflected. (No numeral agreement.)

PronNum=NCase: Pronominal numerals are inflected the same as the nouns they replace.

(1) lát-t-am öt sün-t.

see-pst-1sg five hedgehog-acc

’I have seen five hedgehogs.’

(2) lát-t-am sün-ök-et.

see-pst.1sg hedgehog-pl-acc

‘I have seen hedgehogs.’

(3) hány-at lát-t-ál? öt-öt.

how_many-acc see-pst-2sg five-acc

’I have seen hedgehogs. How many have you seen? Five.’

In Hungarian, there is no agreement between the adjunct and its head. The adjectives, which substitute nouns in sentences, take the same suffixes as nouns would in the same position.


Nikolett F. Gulyás