Desiderative constructions (Hungarian)

ImplInf: The desired event is expressed by an infinitive appearing as the object of the verb ‘want’.

(1) a kislány játsza-ni akar.

the little_girl play-inf want.prs.3sg

‘The girl wants to play.’

(2) én mozi-ba szeret-né-k men-ni.

I cinema-ill like-cond-prs.1sg go-inf

‘I would like to go to the cinema.’

(3) nekem nem akar-ódz-ott el-indul-no-m.

I.dat neg want-refl-pst.3sg away-start-inf-1sg

‘I don’t want to go.’

In Hungarian, the verbs belonging to the semantic field of want (akar ‘want’, szeretne ‘would like’, szándékozik ‘intend’) require infinitive objects. The infinitives are not marked for person. Sporadically, the construction entailing the verb akaró(d)zik ‘want’ and a dative argument is also used.


Nikolett F. Gulyás