Order of case and possessive affixation (Hungarian)

WPxCx: The morpheme order is as follows: root, possessive affix, case affix.

(1) ablak-om-ba


’into my window’

(2) kez-ed-ben


’in your hands’

(3) tőlem


’from me’

The possessive suffix precedes the case-marker suffix in Hungarian when they are attached to noun phrases. Historically, the oblique case forms of personal pronouns (Kenesei et al. 1998: 270‒271), as well as personal affixes on postpositions bear witness to a case suffix + possessive suffix (such as -től ablative case marker + -em first person singular suffix) morpheme order (D. Mátai 2003a: 212‒216).


Nikolett F. Gulyás