Person marking on personal pronominal adpositions (Hungarian)

AdpPPoptPM: Person marking cannot be expressed on personal pronominal adpositions.

(1) a ház mellett van egy erdő.

the house next_to be.prs.3sg a forest

‘There is a forest close to the house.’

(2) mellett-em van egy bicikli.

next_tp-1sg be.prs.3sg a bicycle

‘There is a bicycle next to me.’

(3) énmellett-em van egy bicikli.

I_next_to-1sg be.prs.3sg a bicycle

‘There is a bicycle next to me.’

(4) má-tól fogva

today-abl from

‘from now’

(5) *tőlem fogva

I.abl from

* ‘from me’

(5) velem ellentét-ben opposed_to-ine

‘opposed to me’

(6) *(velem) ellentét-em-ben opposed_to-1sg-ine

* ‘opposed to me’

In Hungarian, postpositions can only take personal suffixes if the complement of the adpostion is a personal pronoun (1)-(3). In these constructions, if the personal pronoun is overt, it serves as an intensifier. Some of the postpositions cannot take personal affixes (4)-(6) (cf. Balogh 2000c, Dér 2012).


Nikolett F. Gulyás