Possessive marking in habitive constructions (Hungarian)

PossSuffPx: Possessed nouns are inflected with obligatory personal suffixes that mark agreement with the possessor.


(1) karcsi-nak van egy radír-ja.

Karcsi-dat is.prs.3sg a rubber-3sg

’Karcsi has a rubber.’


(2) neki van egy radír-ja.

he/she.dat is.prs.3sg a    rubber-3sg

’He/she has a rubber.’


(3) nekem    van         egy radír-om.

I.dat        is.prs.3sg a rubber-1sg

’I have a rubber.’

In Hungarian, the possessor of a habitive construction is marked with the dative case and the possessed gets a personal suffix, which matches the person of the possessor (cf. É. Kiss 2003: 88‒90).


Nikolett F. Gulyás