Pronominal and adnominal demonstratives (Hungarian)

AdnDem=PronDem: Adnominal and pronominal demonstratives do not differ in their stems, inflection, or syntactic argument structure.

(1) melyik könyv-et választ-od? ez-t.

which book-acc choose-prs.obj.2sg det-acc

’Which book do you choose? This one.’

(2) ez-t a könyv-et választ-om.

det-acc the book-acc choose- prs.obj.1sg

’I choose this book.’

In Hungarian, both pronominal and adnominal demonstrative pronouns agree in case (and in number) with their noun heads (cf. Kugler‒Laczkó 2000: 165‒168).


Nikolett F. Gulyás