Sentence structure of possessor predication (Hungarian)

PsrPrdKopSpec: The predicate is copular; the possessor is marked by the use of a special form.

(1) a könyv flórá-é.

the book Flóra-poss

‘The book is Flora’s.’

(2) a könyv flórá-é vol-t.

the book Flóra-poss be-pst.3sg

‘The book was Flora’s.’

In Hungarian, the structure of the possessor predication differs from habitive and adnominal possessive constructions. The possessor is morphologically marked with the -é possessor marker, while the possessed entity is unmarked (cf. Kenesei et al. 1998: 274, Kiefer 2003: 209).


Nikolett F. Gulyás