Word order of demonstratives (Hungarian)

DemArtN: The adnominal demonstrative appears directly before the obligatory article and noun.

(1) ez a könyv a kedvenc-em.

det the book the favorite-1sg

‘This book is my favorite.’

(2) az a vadász a férj-em.

det the hunter the husband-1sg

‘That hunter is my husband.’

(3) e ház az otthon-unk.

det house the home-1pl

‘This house is our home.’

In Hungarian, demonstratives (just like other noun modifiers) precede their noun heads. There is an obligatory determinate article between the demonstrative and the noun (1–2) (cf. Balogh 2000b: 448‒449). In the past, the demonstratival construction was grammatical without the article (cf. Horváth 2003: 465‒466), but it is very rare in contemporary Hungarian (3).


Nikolett F. Gulyás