Word order of dependent content questions (Hungarian)

OblCq=Cq: The word order of S, V, and O in dependent content questions is the same as in independent content questions.

(1) dóri csoki-t esz-ik.

Dóri chocolate-acc eat-prs.3sg

’Dóri is eating chocolate.’

(2) mikor esz-ik dóri csoki-t?

when eat-prs.3sg Dóri chocolate-acc?

‘When is Dóri eating chocolate?’

(3) peti az-t kérdez-t-e, (hogy) mi-kor esz-ik dóri csoki-t.

Peti that-acc ask-pst-obj.3sg that when eat-prs.3sg Dóri chocolate-acc

‘Peti asked when Dóri was eating chocolate.’

In Hungarian, dependent and independent content questions only differ in that the former can be initiated by the hogy conjunction. Their word order is identical (cf. Kenesei et al. 1998: 31‒32).


Nikolett F. Gulyás