Word order of dependent polar questions (Hungarian)

OblPq=Pq: The word order of dependent polar questions is the same as in independent polar questions.

(1) kati egy sárkány-t rajzol.

Kati a dragon-acc draw.prs.3sg

‘Kati is drawing a dragon.’

(2) kati egy sárkány-t rajzol?

Kati a dragon-acc draw.prs.3sg

‘Is Kati drawing a dragon?’

(3) peti az-t kérdez-t-e, (hogy) kati egy sárkány-t rajzol-e.

Peti that-acc ask-pst-obj.3sg that Kati a dragon-acc draw.prs.3sg-q

‘Peti asked whether Kati is drawing a dragon.

In Hungarian, embedded polar questions (3) are initiated by the hogy conjunction, which can also be dropped. While simple polar questions (2) are marked by the interrogative intonation, the -e question particle is compulsory in embedded polar questions. The word order of embedded polar questions is the same as in indicative (1) and simple polar questions (cf. Kenesei et al. 1998: 31‒32).


Nikolett F. Gulyás