Adnominal adjective agreement (Northern Mansi)

NoAgr: At least one of the features of class (gender), number, and case exists in the language, but adnominal (attributive) constructions do not show agreement for any features between nouns and adjectives.

(1) jomas χum
good person
‘good person’ (Kálmán 1976: 66)

(2) jomas χum-ǝt
good person-pl
‘good people’ (Kálmán 1976: 66)

(3) jomas χum-ǝt-nǝl
good person-pl-abl
‘about good people’ (Kálmán 1976: 66)

Adverbs in adnominal position can take neither number markers (2), nor case endings (3), which means that the adjunct never agrees with its noun head (Kálmán 1976: 66­7).


Szilvia Németh