Case marking on nouns (Northern Mansi)

CaseNAff: Case is marked on nouns using suffixes.

(1) lēŋǝn χāľ-t ūnli.
squirrel birch-loc sit.prs.3sg
The squirrel is sitting on the birch tree.’ (S. D.)

(2) lēŋǝn χāľ-n nōŋχ porγi.
squirrel birch-lat up jump.prs.3sg
‘The squirrel is jumping on the birch tree.’ (S. D.)
(3) lēŋǝn        χāľ-nǝl jolaľ porγi.  
squirrel birch-abl down jump.prs.3sg
‘The squirrel is jumping down from the birch tree.’ (S. D.)

(4) lēŋǝn          matǝm-yγ   jēmti.
squirrel       old-trl        become.prs.3sg
‘The squirrel is growing old.’ (S. D.)

(5) turpa           śar-tǝl toχri-te.
pipe             tobacco-ins fill-prs.obj.3sg
‘He is packing the pipe with tobacco.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, nouns have six cases (Kálmán 1976, Riese 2001), which are marked with suffixes.


Szilvia Németh