Distinctions within necessity (Northern Mansi)

DeonSitNonEp: Situational and epistemic necessity are totally distinguished in terms of verbal modality.

(1) ēťi-pālaγ vera juw wos ōli.
evening_time Vera home pcl be.prs.3sg
‘In the evening, Vera must/should be home.’ (S. D.)

(2) ēťi-pālaγ vera-n jun ōl-uŋkwe ēri.
evening_time Vera-lat home be-inf must.prs.3sg
‘In the evening, Vera must be home.’ (S. D.)

Northern Mansi distinguishes between epistemic and situational necessity. Epistemic necessity is expressed by the wos ‘let’ particle and the finite form of the verb (1), while situational necessity is marked by the construction of the infinitive of the main verb + the ēri ‘must’ auxiliary which also requires a dative subject (2).


Szilvia Németh