Distributive numerals (Northern Mansi)

Dupl(DN)(N): Reduplication of the stem can only occur within nominal heads.

Suf(DN)(V): A special suffix, or special suffixes, can attach to the stem only within verbal heads.

(1) akan-ǝt at-e-tǝl akw χusap-ǝl pune-wew.
doll-pl five-3sg-ins one box-ins put-pass.1pl
‘Five dolls are put in each box.’ (S. D.)

(2) miša xūrǝm wās al-ǝs.
Misha three duck kill-pst.3sg
’Misa killed three ducks.’ (S. D.)

(3) miša ōs saša xūrǝm- xūrǝm wās al-s-yγ.
Misha and Sasha three-three duck kill-pst-3du
‘Misha and Sasha killed three ducks each.’ (S. D.)

(4) miša ōs saša xūrǝm wās-nǝl al-s-yγ.
Misha and Sasha three duck-abl kill-pst-3du
‘Misha and Sasha killed three ducks each.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, if the head of a nominal is a verb, the nominal takes a personal suffix and an instrumental case ending (1). If a noun functions as the head of the numeral, two constructions can be used to express the distributive meaning. It can be expressed by the reduplication of the numeral (2-3) or by an ablative case ending, which is attached to the nominal (4). In the latter case, the form of the numeral is not changed.


Szilvia Németh