Grammatical number (Northern Mansi)

DuPl:  The number system consists of singular, dual, and plural.

(1) āmp ilttyγ χortalti.
dog suddenly bark.prs.3sg
’Suddenly, the dog barked.’ (S. D.)

(2) āmp-yγ ilttyγ χortalt-ēγ.
dog-du suddenly bark-prs.3du
’Suddenly, two dogs barked.’ (S. D.)

(3) āmp-ǝt ilttyγ χortalt-eγ-ǝt.
dog-pl suddenly bark-prs-3pl
‘The dogs suddenly barked.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, the singular (1), the dual (2), and the plural (3) number are distinguished both in declension and conjugation (Riese 2001: 22–23).


Szilvia Németh