Habitive constructions (Northern Mansi)

HabPossTrns: The possessor is the functional and/or grammatical subject, the possessed is the direct object of a transitive verb expressing possession. These verbs can often be traced back to words referring to physical inspection or handling. This type is known as the ‘have’ possessive.

(1) χum āmp ōńśi.
man dog have.prs.3sg
‘The man has a dog.’ (S. D.)

In the Northern Mansi habitive construction, the habeo-type verb appears with the unmarked (i.e. nominative) form of the words denoting both the possessor and the possessed entity. Due to the fact that only personal pronouns have accusative forms in Northern Mansi, nouns in the object position do not take special markers and thus they are morphologically indistinguishable from nominative subjects.


Szilvia Németh