Inclusivity in verbal inflection (Northern Mansi)

Pl1=Pl1: First-­person plural does not have an inclusive/exclusive distinction.

(1) mēn juw-joχt-imen.
we home-go-prs.1du
’We [you and me] are going home. = We [me and he/she] are going home.’ (S. D.)

(2) mān juw-joχt-ew.
we home-go-prs.1pl
’We [you and me] are going home. = We [me and they] are going home.’ (S. D.)

The Northern Mansi pronouns and verb forms distinguish between singular, dual (2) (Riese 2001), and plural (3). There is, however, no contrast between inclusive and exclusive meanings.


Szilvia Németh