Marking of the agent (Northern Mansi)

NPPnonobl: The agent may optionally be marked with an explicit pronoun or noun.

Agr: Morphosyntactic agreement on the verb is used to mark the agent.

(1) āmp sāli kinsi.
dog reindeer seach.prs.3sg
‘The dog is looking for the reindeer.’ (S. D.)

(2) taw taj kinsi-te.
he/she that.acc search- prs.obj.3sg
‘He/she is looking for that.’ (S. D.)

(3) taj kinsi-te.

that.acc search-prs.obj.3sg

‘He/she is looking for that.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, the verb is marked for the agent next to both nominal (1) and pronominal (2) agents. The nominal, which denotes the agent, can be omitted, if it is identifiable. Thus Mansi is a pro-drop language (Riese 2001).


Szilvia Németh