Morphosyntactic alignment of pronouns (Northern Mansi)

Nom: Two categories are distinguished from a morphosyntactic perspective: 1. [Sa, Snona, Aa and Anona]; 2. [P]. This type is known as nominative or nominative–accusative.

(1) miša ūs-n mina-s.
Misha town-lat go-pst.3sg
‘Misha is going to the town.’ (S. D.)

(2) nataša matum ēkwa.
Natasha old woman
‘Natasha is an old lady.’ (S. D.)

(3) oma taj jūnt-ǝs.
mother that.acc sew-prs.3sg
‘The mother sewed that.’ (T. M.)

(4) saša tawe erupti-te
Sasha he/she.acc
‘Sasha loves him/her.’ (S. D.)

Northern Mansi is a nominative language (Keresztes 1998, Riese 2001). In the case of pronominals, a suppletive form codes the accusative.


Szilvia Németh