Non-periphrastic causatives (Northern Mansi)

MorfNonpfrCC: Causatives are expressed using a non-periphrastic, morphological strategy.

(1) ńawram ulas-t ūnli.
child bench-loc sit.prs.3sg
‘The child is sitting on a bench.’ (S. D.)

(2) ńawram oma-te-n ulas-t ūn-tta-we.
child mother-3sg-lat bench-loc sit-caus-pass.prs.3sg
‘The mother makes her child sit on a bench.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, morphological causation is expressed by the verbal derivational suffix -tt- (cf. (1), (2)) (Riese 2001). In example (2), the verb is in the passive voice and the causer is in the lative-dative case, which serves as an agent marker.


Szilvia Németh