Occurrence of nominal plurality (Northern Mansi)

OblPlmk: Marking of nominal plurality is obligatory.

(1) āmp

(2) āmp-ǝt 

(3) kit āmp-yγ
two dog-du
‘two dogs’

(4) χūrǝm āmp
three dog
‘three dogs’

In Northern Mansi, three different numbers are marked: the singular (1), the dual, and the plural (2). The dual and the plural are indicated by suffixes. Plurality marking is compulsory, and there are only some systematic exceptions to this rule among numeral constructions. Only the cardinal number meaning ‘two’ is used with dual nouns (3), while next to other cardinal numerals the singular form of the nominal is required (4) (Kálmán 1976: 66-67).


Szilvia Németh