Possessive classification (Northern Mansi)

NoPossClass: Possessive classification is not a feature of the language: multiple strategies for the expression of possession either do not exist or are not determined by lexical features.

(1) āťa-m witujsow ťēnt
father-1sg beaver-pelt hat
’my father’s beaver pelt hat’ (S. D.)

(2) āťa-m witujsow ťēnt-e
father-1sg beaver-pelt hat-3sg
’my father’s beaver pelt hat’ (S. D.)

There are two ways to express possessive relationship in Northern Khanty. The first one is to put the unmarked elements next to each other (1), and the other one is to attach a personal affix to the noun denoting the possessed entity (2) (Rombandeeva 1973: 64). The usage of the constructions is not determined by the semantic properties of the possessor or the possessed entity.


Szilvia Németh