Situational necessity (Northern Mansi)

SitDeonV: Situational necessity is expressed through the use of verb constructions.

(1) ēťi-pālaγ vera-n jun ōl-uŋkwe ēri.
evening_time Vera-lat home be-inf have_to.prs.3sg
‘In the evening, Vera has to be at home.’ (S. D.)

(2) ānum-n min-uŋkwe ēri.
I-dat go-inf have_to.prs.3sg
‘I have to go.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, situational necessity is expressed by the construction of the infinitive of the main verb + the ēri ‘have to’ auxiliary (1–2). Nominal subjects of the construction are in the lative-dative case, while pronominal subjects take dative case (2).


Szilvia Németh