Structure of adverbial subordination (Northern Mansi)

SubMain: The subordinate clause generally precedes the main clause.

MainSub: The subordinate clause generally follows the main clause.

(1) ńawram-ǝt jol-χuj-ma-nǝl juji-pālt, lisa an-ǝt lowt-ǝs.
child-pl down-lie-ger-3sg after Liza cup-pl wash-pst.3sg
‘After the children went to bed, Liza washed the dishes.’ (S. D.)
(2) miša jiw-ǝn χāŋχyγt-as, āmp-ǝt-ǝl roχti-ne-te maγǝs.
Misha tree-lat climb-pst.3sg dog-pl-ins afraid-ptcp.prs-3sg because
‘Misha climbed up a tree because he got frightened of the dogs’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, both clause order configurations are possible with adverbial subordination.


Szilvia Németh