Tense agreement (Northern Mansi)

NoDepTense: The tense of the dependent predicate does not depend on the tense of the main predicate; it appears in the same tense as it would in an independent clause (natural tense).

(1) taw xūntaml-as, lēŋǝn ōji.
he/she hear-pst.3sg squirrel run_away.prs.3sg
‘He/she heard that the squirrel was running away.’ (S. D.)

(2) taw xūntaml-as, lēŋǝn ōj-ǝs.
he/she hear-pst.3sg squirrel run_away-pst.3sg
‘He/she heard that the squirrel had run away.’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, the subordinate predicate always reflects real time (cf. (1) and (2)).


Szilvia Németh