Use of copula with nominal predicate (Northern Mansi)

NNoCop: The copula cannot be used with nominal predicates (but is used for adjectival and/or adverbial predicates).

    (1) taw matum ēkwa
    she old woman
    ‘She is an old woman.’ (S. D.)

    (2) am matum ēkwa
    I old woman
    ‘I’m an old woman.’ (S. D.)

    (3) am matum ēkwa ōl-s-um.
    I old woman is-pst-1sg
    ’I was an old woman.’ (S. D.)

    In Northern Mansi, there is no copula in nominal predicate constructions if the sentence is indicative and it is in the present tense (1–2), whereas, in the past tense, it is obligatory (3) (Riese 2001: 60).


    Szilvia Németh