Word order within possessive constructions (Northern Mansi)

GenPoss: The possessor, whether noun or pronoun, precedes the possessed noun.

(1) āťa-m ťēnt
father-1sg hat
’my father’s hat’ (S. D.)

(2) āťa-m ťēnt-e
father-1sg hat-3sg
’my father’s hat’ (S. D.)

(3) tuw ťēnt-e
(s)he hat-3sg
’his / her hat’ (S. D.)

In Northern Mansi, there are two possessive constructions: the bare juxtaposition of the elements (1), and the construction in which the possessed entity is marked with a personal suffix (2). In both constructions (irrespective of the nominal or pronominal status of the elements), the possessor precedes the possessed entity (Rombandeeva 1979).


Szilvia Németh