Adjectives as verbs (Surgut Khanty)

AdjNotVMorph: Adjectives are distinct from verbs in their morphological and syntactic behavior.

(1a) ʌüw jəmat kārkam-əŋ.

he/she very hard_working-adj

’He/she is very hard-working.’

(1b) nüŋ jəmat kārkam-əŋ wos-ən.

you very hard_working-adj cop-2sg

’You are very hard-working.’

(1c) ʌüw jəmat kārkam-əŋ woʌ.

he/she very hard-working-adj be.pst.3sg

’He/she was very hard-working.’

In the predicative position, the adjective stands without the copula in present tense sentences if the subject is in the third person singular (1a). Next to first person and second person subjects, the copula is marked for person and number (1b). In the past tense, the past tense form of the copula accompanies the adjective (1c).


Márta Csepregi