Basic word order of adpositions (Surgut Khanty)

Po: Only postpositions exist.

(1) pəsan ōwti-nə

table top-loc

’on the table’

(2) jūɣ sāj-a

tree behind-lat

’(go) behind the tree’

(3) jot-am

I with-1sg

’with me’

(4) ʌīw-m-aʌ pӯrnə

eat-pst.ptc-3sg after

’after (s)he ate’

In Surgut Khanty, adverbial functions are expressed by oblique cases (affixes) or postpositions. Adpositions are always postpositional to the noun (1), (2), pronoun (3), or participle (4), with which they form an adverbial phrase.


Márta Csepregi