Number of verbal inflectional categories (Surgut Khanty)

ConjCat=6: Number of verbal inflectional categories is 6.

(1) pan-ʌə-ɣəʌ-am


‘I put those two’

(2) pan-ʌ-oj-mən


‘we two are being put’

With an inflected verbal form, the following categories can be expressed in Surgut Khanty: person and number of the subject, tense, voice, mood, the number of the object. A zero morpheme indicates the active voice, the past tense, the indicative, the singular object, and, similarly, the third person singular in the subjective conjugation. The inflectional ending of a verbal form targeting two objects, when in the present tense, indicative, active voice and objective conjugation, consists of three parts (1) as well as one in the present, passive voice and first person dual (2).


Márta Csepregi