Order of case and possessive affixation (Surgut Khanty)

WPxCx: The morpheme order is as follows: root, possessive affix, case affix.

(1) āťi-m-nat


’with my father’

(2) qɔ̄t-ɣəʌ-am-nə


’in my two houses’

(3) jēji-ʌ-am-ʌəɣ


’without my brothers’

The order of bound morphemes, which can be attached to nominals, is the following in Surgut Khanty: stem + possessive affix (Px) + case affix (Cx) (1). The possessive affix also codes the number of the possessed entities. The dual and the plural marker comes directly after the stem, then follows the suffix referring to the person of the possessor, and the word form is closed with the case suffix (2)–(3).


Márta Csepregi