Possessive classification (Surgut Khanty)

NoPossClass: Possessive classification is not a feature of the language: multiple strategies for the expression of possession either do not exist or are not determined by lexical features.

(1) ʌājəm

man axe

’the man’s axe’

(2) äwi säm-ɣən

girl eye-du

’the girl’s eyes’

(3) ma säm-ɣəʌ-am

I eye-du-1sg

’my eyes’

(4) jūwan qūt-əʌ ťətti

John house-3sg here

’This is John’s house.’

If the possessor is denoted by a noun, the simple juxtaposition of the possessor and the possessed can express the possessive relationship. When the possessor is expressed by a pronoun, the nominal referring to the possessed entity takes a personal suffix. The use of the two constructions is not determined by the semantic properties of the possessed entity. The word order is fixed in both constructions: the possessor precedes the possessed.


Márta Csepregi