Predicative adjectives (Surgut Khanty)

AdjPredNonV: Predicative adjectives are non­verbal.

(1) īki wɔ̄č-nam mən-əʌ.

man town-apr go-prs.3sg

‘The man is going to the town.

(2) īk-et wɔ̄č-nam mən-ʌ-ət.

man-pl town-apr go-prs.3pl

‘The men are going to the town.’

(3) īki wɔ̄č-nam mən.

man town-apr go.pst.3sg

‘The man went to the town.’

(4) wɔ̄č ənəʌ.

town big

‘The town is big.’

(5) wɔ̄č-ət ənʌ-ət.

town-pl big-pl

‘Towns are big.’

(6) wɔ̄č ənəʌ woʌ.

town big be.pst.3sg

‘The town was big.’

In Surgut Khanty, verbs agree with the subject and are marked for number, person, tense, mood and definiteness. Predicate adjectives also agree with their subjects but (unlike verbs) only in number.


Márta Csepregi