Syntactic distribution of person marking within possessed nouns alongside pronominal possessors (Surgut Khanty)

PP(Gen)PossAff: The possessor is optionally expressed by the personal pronoun in base form, alongside which affixation of the possessed noun is obligatory.

(1) (ma) jēj-em

I brother-1sg

‘my brother’

(2) (nüŋ) säm-ɣəʌ-a

you eye-du-2sg

‘your eyes’

In Surgut Khanty, the base form of the personal pronouns is used next to a pronominal possessor, but it can also be dropped (since Surgut Khanty is a pro-drop language). The possessed entity is marked with a suffix that reflects the person and number of the possessor (1), preceded by dual or plural marker, if necessary (2).


Márta Csepregi