Word order of dependent content questions (Surgut Khanty)

OblCq=Cq: The word order of S, V, and O in dependent content questions is the same as in independent content questions.

(1a) īttən-nə liza ānɣ-ət sawn-ət ʎūwit-əɣ.

evening-loc Liza plate-pl bowl-pl wash-pst.3sg

‘Liza washed the dishes in the evening.’ (L. N. K.)

(1b) qūntə liza ānɣ-ət sawn-ət ʎūwit-əɣ?

when Liza plate-pl bowl-pl wash-pst.3sg

‘When did Liza wash the dishes?’ (L. N. K.)

(1c) ʌüw pӯrip-əɣ, qūntə liza ānɣ-ət sawn-ət ʎūwit-əɣ.

(s)he ask-pst.3sg when Liza plate-pl bowl-pl wash-pst.3sg

‘(S)he asked when Liza had washed the dishes.’ (L. N. K.)

In Surgut Khanty, the basic word order is SOV. It is applied to indicative sentences (1a), content questions (1b) and dependent content questions (1c).


Márta Csepregi