Adjectives without nouns (Synja Khanty)

AdjNoN=Adj: Adjectives can appear without a noun; the bare adjective appears with no morphological change.

(1) nowi āmp, piti āmp

white dog, black dog

‘white dog, black dog’ (S. O.)

(2) kāt āmp taj-l-ǝm:      it-em nowi, kimet-em piti.

I two dog possess-prs-1sg one-1sg white, two-1sg black

‘I have two dogs, one of them is white, the other is black.’ (S. O.)

(3) now-em-a lɔ̄w ma-l-ǝm, pit-em-a   ńāń ma-l-ǝm.

white-1sg-lat I bone give-prs-1sg black-1sg-lat bread give-prs-1sg

‘I give bone to the white one, and bread to the black one.’ (S. O.)

In Synja Khanty, adjectives can be adjuncts (1) and predicates (2). Adjectives functioning occasionally as nouns take the nominal case endings (3) (S. O., F. L., M. L.).


Nikolett F. Gulyás