Adnominal adjective agreement (Synja Khanty)

NoAgr: At least one of the features of class (gender), number, and case exists in the language, but adnominal (attributive) constructions do not show agreement for any features between nouns and adjectives.

(1) jalǝp xɔ̄t

new house

‘new house’

(2) jalǝp xɔ̄t-ǝt

new house-pl

‘new houses’

(3) jalǝp xɔ̄t-a

new house-lat

‘in the new house’

(4) jalǝp xɔ̄t-ǝt-a

new house-pl-lat

‘in the new houses’ (Onina 2009: 29)

In Synja Khanty, adnominal adjectives do not agree their noun heads, neither in number nor in case (Onina 2009: 29).


Nikolett F. Gulyás