Marking of dependent content questions (Synja Khanty)

Cq: Dependent and independent content questions are structurally identical.

(1a) xolta miša luŋ-ən man-əl?

wher e Misha summer-loc go-prs.3sg

‘Where is Misha travelling in the summer?’ (S. O.)

(1b) xolta miša luŋ-ən man-əl, luw inśǝs-s-əlli.

where Misha summer-loc go-prs.3sg (s)he ask-pst-obj.3sg

‘(S)he asked where Misha was travelling in the summer.’ (S. O.)

(2a) xoj joxt-ǝs?

who arrive-pst.3sg

‘Who has arrived? (F. L.)

(2b) xoj joxt-ǝs, luw inśǝs-s-əlli.

who arrive-pst.3sg (s)he ask-pst-obj.3sg

‘(S)he asked who had arrived.’ (F. L.)

(3a) mija šɔ̄war pal-lal xuw-ǝt?

why rabbit ear-du.3sg long-pl

‘Why are the ears of the rabbit long?’ (S. O.)

(3b) mija šɔ̄war pal-lal xuw-ǝt, luw inśǝs-s-əlli.

why rabbit ear-du.3sg long-pl (s)he ask-pst-obj.3sg

‘(S)he asked why the ears of the rabbit were long.’ (S. O.)

In Synja Khanty, dependent (1b), (2b), (3b) and independent content questions (1a), (2a), (3a) do not differ from each other structurally (S. O., F. L.).


Nikolett F. Gulyás