Morphological negation (Synja Khnaty)

NegPtclNonStc: Negation of the predicate is expressed through the use of a standard negative word, which cannot function alone as a sentence.

(1a) mānǝm oš-a pājt-s-ǝn?

I.acc mind-lat fall-pst-2sg

‘Did you understand me?’ (Onina 2009: 51)

(1b) antā, naŋen oš-ā at pājt-s-em.

neg I you.acc mind-lat neg fall-pst-obj.1sg

‘No, I didn’t understand you.’ (Onina 2009: 51)

In Synja Khanty, sentence elements are negated with the at negative particle, while sentential negation is achieved with the antā particle (cf. Honti 1984: 89).


Nikolett F. Gulyás