Person marking on nominal adpositions (Synja Khanty)

AdpNNonPM: Person marking cannot be expressed on nominal adpositions.

(1) pasan puŋəl-ən xoloďiľńik ōmas-əl.

table next_to-loc refrigerator sit-prs.3sg

‘There is a refrigerator next to the table.’ (S. O.)

(2) (mā) šanš-em-n išńi.

I behind-1sg-loc window

‘There is a window behind me.’ (S. O.)

(3) (luw) šanš-el-n išńi.

(s)he behind-3sg-loc window

‘There is a window behind him / her.’ (S. O.)

In Synja Khanty, if the complement of the postposition is a noun, the postposition is only marked for case (1). If, however, the complement is a pronoun, the postposition takes a personal affix and a case ending (2), (3) (Honti 1984: 80‒82, Onina 2009: 48‒49). Thus, the postposition cannot take a personal affix if its complement is a noun.


Nikolett F. Gulyás