Predicative adjectives (Synja Khanty)

AdjPredNonV: Predicative adjectives are non-verbal.

(1) jɔ̄x wɔ̄j wēl-l-ǝt.

people animal kill-prs-3pl

‘The men are hunting.’ (S. O.)

(2) jɔ̄x wɔ̄j wēl-s-ǝt.

people animal kill-pst-3pl

‘The men were hunting.’ (S. O.)

(3) jux ūn.

tree tall

‘The tree is tall.’ (S. O.)

(4) jux-ǝt ūn-ǝt.

tree-pl tall-pl

The trees are tall.’ (S. O.)

(5) jux-ǝt ūn-ǝt ū-s-ǝt.

tree-pl tall-pl cop-pst-3pl

‘The trees were tall.’ (S. O.)

Synja Khanty verbs are marked for number, person, mood and definiteness and agree with the subject. Adjectives in the predicative position agree with the subject, but (unlike verbs) only in number (Onina 2009).


Nikolett F. Gulyás