Reduplication (Synja Khanty)

TtlRdp: Total reduplication of an entire word, relative stem, or absolute stem (root) is used productively.

(1a) pox man-s, man-s.

boy go-pst.3sg go-pst.3sg

’The boy was walking and walking.’ (S. O.)

(2) jox jox-i mans.

home home-lat go-pst.3sg

’He was going home.’ (S. O.)

(3) kim kim-a wāt-l.

out out-lat look-prs.3sg

’He was looking out (of the window).’ (S. O.)

Reduplication is typically used for the expression of durative aspect in Synja Khanty (S. O.).


Nikolett F. Gulyás