Syntactic distribution of person marking within possessed nouns alongside pronominal possessors (Synja Khanty)

PP(Gen)PossAff: The possessor is optionally expressed by the personal pronoun in base form, alongside which affixation of the possessed noun is obligatory.

(1) (mā) āmp-em 

I dog-1sg

‘my dog’ (S. O.)

(2a) pox āp

boy dog

‘the boy’s dog’ (S. O.)

(2b) pox āmp-ǝl

boy dog-3sg

‘the boy’s dog’ (S. O.)

In Synja Khanty, the possessive suffix on the possessed entity  is compulsory alongside pronominal possessors (1), whereas with nominal possessors, it is optional (2a), (2b) . A pronominal possessor can always be omitted (cf. Abondolo 1998: 378–379, Honti 1984: 90–91, Nikolaeva 1999a: 79–84).


Nikolett F. Gulyás