Word order of plural markers

There are several options for the word order in which a nominal plural marker (Plmk) may appear relative to the noun it modifies.


NoPlmk: The language does not have a grammatical strategy for marking plurals on nouns.

NoAffPlmk: Plurals are marked grammatically, but not with affixes.[1]

NPl: The plural marker appears after the noun stem.

PlN: The plural marker appears before the noun stem.

N~Pl: The plural marker may appear before or after the noun stem.

Inf: The plural marker is infix.

When a language displays more than one type, multiple values can be listed. If one type is dominant, a slash (/) can separate the values, with the dominant value appearing first; if neither is dominant, they are listed with a ampersand (&) separating them. Simultaneous use of multiple types is listed with a plus sign (+) between the values.


[1] Strategies may include reduplication, tones, and internal flexion.